SLED Report

Several licensing applications require a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) report. The SLED report must be no more than three months old when it is submitted to the South Carolina Department of Insurance. 

A SLED report can be obtained by either submitting a written request to SLED or through their website. A stamped, self-addressed envelope must be submitted to SLED if obtaining a report through a written request. The fee for the report is $25 and must be paid by a company check or money order only.

The applicant may select to have our office pull their SLED report when completing the online application. The fee to pull a SLED report online is $26.

Please do not send the South Carolina Department of Insurance information to SLED! The documentation will not be forwarded to the South Carolina Department of Insurance from SLED.

Effective November 2, 2015, the fee to pull an online SLED report will increase to $26 which will include the $25 SLED fee plus a $1 convenience fee.