Emergency Adjuster and Re-Entry Permitting

Re-Entry Permitting Process for Adjusters

Appointment & Application

Once the Director of Insurance has declared that the use of temporary, non-resident adjusters may be necessary, insurers may immediately appoint emergency adjusters without them first being authorized by the Department. Before appointing emergency adjusters, however, insurers must first utilize licensed resident and non-resident South Carolina adjusters to their fullest extent in handling catastrophe claims.

Insurers must complete the SCDOI Emergency Adjuster template (fillable spreadsheet) and attach to an email to irmmail@doi.sc.gov. The following forms should be used to complete this process:


The South Carolina Department of Insurance coordinates recovery efforts with the state's Adjutant General's Emergency Preparedness Program. If South Carolina incurs damages from a natural disaster requiring the entry of unlicensed non-resident emergency adjusters, the following emergency adjuster procedures must be followed before deploying emergency adjusters into our state.

The Director of Insurance, pursuant to Regulation 69-1 of the S.C. Code of State Regulations Annotated, must first determine that the potential for an emergency situation exists.